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Butler Elementary School | April 2019 Newsletter

Testing Time...

April is a time of state testing.  Students in the third through fifth grades will be taking the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) from April 9-25th.  This assessment is important to our school ratings and achievement data.  Thank you for supporting our students in being successful on these assessments and encouraging them to do their best.    



There are many events and activities happening in the month of April.  Several grades will be going on field trips, please check with your student’s teacher.  The District art show is at Fort Lupton Middle School.  If you get a chance, take the time to see the various pieces of art on display.  There is also a lot of time for learning and growing to happen.  Thank you for ensuring your student is at school, on time and prepared to learn.  Teachers and students will be engaged in this learning and growing until the end of year. 


Please check the webpage and Facebook postings for current happenings at Butler.


If you have a preschool student, we are accepting kindergarten registration packets for 2019-20.  All kindergarten students need to register.

Morning Supervision

There is limited supervision provided for students in the morning.  Please DO NOT drop off students at school before 7:30, there is no adult supervision.  The front office opens at 7:30.  This is the same time when students can enter the building with limited supervision.  Students are able to enter their classrooms at 7:45 and instruction starts at 8:00.  Thank you for supporting us in keeping students safe in the morning. 


Drop-Off and Parking

The driving lane closest to the school is for student drop off.  The other lane is for passing through and for families wanting to park.  Please park vehicles in the parking lot before letting students out or let students out from the drop off lane.  Thank you for supporting the flow of traffic and keeping students safe.


CMASS Assessments

The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) assessments test students in third through ninth grade on English language arts and math with select grades taking science and social studies tests.  The tests will be administered in Butler Elementary School from Tuesday, April 9 - Thursday, April 25 2019.


The state assessments are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and they serve as the only common measuring tool for all students in the state.  They are designed to be administered online and feature a variety of interactive questions that are engaging and aligned with 21st century teaching and learning practices.  The tests use advanced questioning and performance tasks to provide a snapshot of what student know in relation to the standards.


Participation is important because results help educators and parents know whether students have mastered the content they need to know by the end of the school year and whether they are on track to be ready for college or careers after high school.  The test results allow parents, students, and teachers to compare to students across the district and state.  In the case of the English Language Arts and Math tests, students and parents can compare performance with students around the country.


Welcome to all the new families to Butler elementary school.  Please like us on Facebook.  We regularly post happenings and pictures on our Facebook page and website.  Also be sure to check our district webpage for needed information. 


April 9 – 3rd Grade Music Performance

April 11 -  District Art Show Awards

April 16 – 1st Grade Music Performance

April 25 – After school 3-5th Choir Performance

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